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   What is the best way to travel from Shanghai to Hangzhou/Suzhou?

Posted by: Francis    04.18.2011
If anyone can tell me the easiest, less crowded and a more comfortable way, I intend to go early in the morning and reutrn to Shanghai the same day. Besides cabs, thank you very much.
Posted by: Gaby   04.23.2011Best Answer
definitely by train.
go to Shanghai South Train Station (火车南站 - huoche nanzhan) - not to be confused with Shanghai Train Station - and buy your HZ ticket and return ticket.
It's a little more than a 1 hour trip (there are direct trains and trains with stops, so time may vary a little)
Tickets are between 50 to 90 RMB depending on the train category.

About same thing for Suzhou.

If you know your schedule ahead, just go to about any travel agent to buy your tickets, it's only a 10 RMB surcharge because they have to go to the train station for you and pick up the tickets.
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The express trains between Shanghai and Hangzhou or Shanghai and Suzhou run at very 10-30 minutes. That's the quickest,easiest and most comfortable way. Early or night trains are all avaible.

Notes: go and return at Shanghai south railway station.
Posted by:Yoyo fang  04.23.2011