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   How do train tickets in China work?

Posted by: heather    03.29.2011
I want to travel from Nanjing to Beijing and Beijing to Guangzhou by train in mid-May. I realize there are these agents online that can pre-book for you a service charge, is this necessary (ie. long lines at stations to get tickets?)

I also heard you can buy any ticket from any station in China, is this true? (ie. Can you buy a ticket from Nanjing to Beijing from a train station in Shanghai?)
Posted by: Lydia   04.24.2011Best Answer
Train tickets usuarally are sold from 5-10 days before the trains departing(depending on which season it is, which type the train is), and the train tickets are always the hot-selling stuff. So if you want to make sure to get a train ticket for a certain day, you would better buy it as early as possible.

According to my experiences, the sleeper tickets are the tickets most difficult to buy, while the CHR(most fast train) tickets are the easiest to get(because them are more expensive). If you buy ticket on the day you depart, the possibility you get a sleeper ticket is usually quite small, only hard seat or even standing tickets remained.

You can buy any ticket from any station or train ticket agency, but you have to pay more 5RMB as commission.
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I lived in China for 5 years and I know exactly how it works.
Yes, there are a lot of travel agents in China and if you want to buy your ticket from them, you should buy from the ones who resides in some university areas. Because their price is the same as the one sold in the station.
There are 3 high seasons in China where you can have long line of queue to buy a ticket in the train station; Chinese New Year, Labor Day (1st of May) and National Day (1st of October).
So if you are traveling in mid May, I think you should have no problem buying ticket directly from the station. And I advice you to buy from the station just to avoid fake ticket. It happens a lot.

Yes, you can buy any ticket from any station across the country.
I hope I answer your question.
Posted by:Long  04.21.2011