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Although credit cards are accepted in most of Shanghai’s big shops and malls. It is necessary for you to take enough Chinese currency with you. Except some hotels, resorts or places only for foreigners, you cannot use US dollars or other foreign currencies directly in the city.
The Chinese currency Renminbi (RMB) cannot be converted into foreign currency outside of China. Neither will you be able to change RMB into international currency at banks. 
You can exchange the currency over the counter at some banks in the city, such as the Bank of China. Also you can exchange the currency in some border crossings and international airport. Some well-equipped hotels also offer currency exchange service. Travelers’ check is acceptable here. But notes or check should be keep undamaged. Otherwise they would be rejected.
When you change international currency into RMB, you’ll receive a foreign exchange receipt, showing the amount exchanged. Any unused yuan can be changed back into foreign currency when you leave the country, but you must show the foreign exchange receipt.
One yuan (colloquially called ` kuai ’) is divided into ten jiao (`mao’); one jiao is divided into ten fen. RMB bills are issued by the Bank of China in the following denominations: one, two, five, 10, 50 and 100. China’s fifth set of new currency was rolled out over several years beginning in the 1990s, with the most recent (and final) addition to the set being the new purple five yuan note and five jiao coin in 2002.
Old notes, particularly the fives and 100s (issued in 1999) are still in circulation, so don’t be surprised if you receive currency of the same denomination that looks different. Jiao and fen are issued in bills and coins, although the paper jiao and fen are being phased out in favor of the coins. Coins come in denominations of one yuan, one, two, and five jiao and one, two, and five fen, although these days, the fen isn't used much anymore.
Shanghai branches of some international banks
Banks Address Telephone/Fax
ABN Amro Bank Shanghai BranchRoom 1803
Union MaosionShanghai 200002
T: 63112268
F: 63112267
American International
Assurance Company
Shanghai Branch F/5 1376 Nanjin Rood (W)
Shanghai Center Shanghai 200040
T: 62798568
F: 62798569
ANZ Shanghai Branch
201/A West, Hotel Equatorial Shanghai 
Shanghai 200040
T: 62488877
F: 62480080
Bank of America Shanghai Branch
F/1 100 Yanan Road (E)
Union Mansion Shanghai 200002
T: 63201491 63292828 
F: 63201297
Bangkok Bank Shanghai Branch Room 5013—5015 
Huating Seralton Hotel Shanghai 200030
F: 64813817
Banque Indosuez Shanghai Branch F/5 100 Yanan Road (E) 
Union Mansion Shanghai 200002
T: 63292228 63293279 
F: 63219002 63292911
Chia Tai International Finance 
Co. Ltd.
F/26 2200 Yanan Road (W)
International Trade Center Shanghai 200335
T: 62753448
F: 62752299
Citibank N.A. Shanghai Branch F/5 100 Yanan Road (E)
Union Mansion Shanghai 200002
T: 63289661 63201988 
F: 63731317
Commerz Shanghai Branch F/7, Zhonghui Building 
16 Henan Road (S) Shanghai 200002
T: 63747680 
F: 63747681
Credit Lyonnais Shanghai Branch F/8 1376 Nanjin Road (W) 
Shanghai Center Shanghai 200040
T: 62798661 F: 62798662
Dresdner Bank Shanghai Branch 2099 Yanan Road (W) 
Shanghai 200335
T: 62755458 62191433 
F: 62755904
Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking
Shanghai Branch F/5, 185 Yuanminyuan Road 
Shanghai Center Shanghai 200002 / 200040
T: 63218383 63291775 
F: 63291659
Overseas-Chinese Banking Co. Ltd. Shanghai Branch 
120 Jiujiang Road Shanghai 200002
T: 63233888 63218888 
F: 63290388
Po Sang Bank Shanghai Branch 
F/1, 260 Yanan Road (E) Shanghai 200002
T: 63212377
F: 63215277
Royal Bank of Canada Shanghai Branch Room 403 
100 Yanan Road (E) Shanghai 200002
T: 63202823 63203623 
F: 63200417
Sakura Bank Shanghai Branch F/5 205 Maomin Road (S)3 
Ruijin Building Shanghai 200020
T: 64723656
F: 64720867
Shanghai Associated Finance
Co. Ltd
F/7 65 Yanan Road (W) 
Hotel Equatorial Shanghai Shanghai 200040
T: 62489828 62488248 
F: 62483798
Shanghai International Finance 
Co. Ltd.
1376 Nanjin Road (W)
Room 420, Shanghai Center Shanghai 200040
T: 62798281 
F: 62798225
Standard Chartered Bank Shanghai Branch
F/7, 1376 Nanjin Road (W) Shanghai Center
Shanghai 200040
T: 62798823
F: 62798813
The Bank of East Asia Shanghai Branch
229 Sicuan Road Shanghai 200002
T: 63216863 63210434
63297338 F: 63291813
The Bank of Tokyo Shanghai Branch F/12 205 Maomin Road (S)
Ruijin Building Shanghai 200020
T: 64723166 64723199 
F: 64727540
The Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank Shanghai Branch F/11 205 Maomin Road (S)
Ruijin Building Shanghai 200020
T: 64723651 64623679
F: 64727679
The Daiwa Bank Shanghai Branch Room 1903
International Trade Center Shanghai 200335
T: 62755198
F: 62755229
The Industrial Bank of Japan Shanghai Branch 2200 Yanan (W) Room 1601
International Trade Center Shanghai 200335
T: 62751111 62751246
F: 62751769
The International Bank of Paris 
and Shanghai
93 Guangdong Road Shanghai 200002 T: 63217518
F: 63216968
The Mitsubishi Bank Shanghai Branch F/21 205 Maomin Road (S)
Ruijin Building Shanghai 200020
T: 64726383 64720882
F: 64723568
The Sanwa Bank Shanghai Branch
205 Maomin Road (S) Room 1501, Ruijin Building Shanghai 200020
T: 64728731 64728732
F: 64726400