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Shanghai Culture Tour

Different from political position of Beijing, the remarkable history background of Xian, Shanghai has its own charm. Benefit from the advantages of geographical location, Shanghai has become China's commercial and financial center which nurtured Shanghai’s characteristic culture.
As one of the unforgettable symbol of Shanghai, Shikumen witnessed the city's growing process and shaped the character of Shanghainese. Shikumen to Shanghai is the same as Hutong and Siheyuan to Beijing. One significant character of Shanghai is its tolerance and acceptance of foreign culture. You may check it out by strolling along the mile-long Bund. Nowadays local culture coexists with foreign cultures harmoniously in Shanghai.
And taking an real culture tour to Shanghai, you should never miss to taste authentic Shanghai Benbang Cuisine. Benbang dishes epitomized the advantages of Chinese cuisines and formed its only features fresh, clear, mellow, sweet or subtly spicy.
In addition, the Jade Buddha Temple with a collection of several exquisite Buddha Statute, the Yuyuan Garden with Ming and Qing architectural styles, the uniquely designed Shanghai Museum and Xujiahui, the booming Shanghai shopping center will probably give you another glimpse of this city that is modern but still retains its own cultural elements.
Culture can only be experienced in person, not written on books or web pages. Why not come here and experience in person?
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