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As an international metropolis, Shanghai has already attracted travelers from home and abroad to come here for entertainment and enjoyment. Apart from the yummy local delicacies, renowned scenic spots as well as the fashion shopping malls, here also scatters a lot of must-go recreation grounds, from bookshops to bars, museums to dancing halls, by which one can relax and have fun to their hearts' content.

Famous Bookshops
shanghai entertainmentShanghai City of Books
Shanghai City of Books, one of the major cultural landmarks in Shanghai, is situated in NO.465, Fuzhou Road. It is the first large-scale retail bookshop of the city with total 27 storeys to be included, as the first six floors are engaged in selling various sorts of books. Here book-lovers can find over 150,000 catagories of books, covering not only literatures, social science, science & technology but also arts and educational readings. Aiming at offering a cozy and warm environment, Shanghai City of Books provides such entertainment facilities as coffee bars, bakeries, beverage selling machines etc. for its customers.
Address: NO.465, Fuzhou Road, Huangpu district, Shanghai. 上海黄浦区福州路465号
Tel: 021-63914848
How to get there: take bus NO. 802 or 584 to the stop of People's Square.
Foreign Language Book Store
Foreign Language Book Store is a featured bookshop specializing in the sales of books of foreign languages, mainly focusing on foreign literatures, studies of foreign languages and grammar skills. Stamped with elegant decoration and exotic atmosphere, it offers nearly 18,000 sorts of books, including original edition of fictions as well as foreign periodicals. Besides, except for English and American magazines, customers can surprisely pick out one or two Japanese fashion journals.
Address: NO. 390, Fuzhou Road, Huangpu district, Shanghai. 上海黄浦区福州路390号
How to get there: take bus NO. 802 or 584 to the stop of People's Square.
shanghai entertainmentShanghai Ancient Book Store
Shanghai Ancient Book Store-the earliest along with the most distinguished book store in Shanghai, was set up in the year 1956. Concentrating on both the spread of traditonal cultures and the recommendation as well as display of academic works, it mainly sells ancient books like "the 36 Strategies", "Confuscius Saying" and so on. Thus, Shanghai Ancient Book Store is regarded as the heaven of the book-lovers.
Address: NO. 424, Fuzhou Road, Huangpu disreict, Shanghai. 上海黄浦区福州路424号
How to get there: take bus NO. 802 or 584 to the stop of People's Square.
shanghai entertainment
Book Market of Confucian Temple 文庙书市
Book Market of Confucian Temple is the largest old book transcation market in Shanghai, opening only on Sundays, no matter sunny or rainy. Here gathers a large collection of books which can satisfy customers' requirements at a comparatively low price. When Sunday comes, it always attracts a great number of people, from scholars, students to overseas tourists, to look for their cups of tea.
Address: NO. 215, Wenmiao Road, Huangpu district, Shanghai. 上海黄浦区文庙路215号
Ticket Price: 1 RMB
How to get there: take bus NO.803, 451 or 789, and stop at Laoximen.
Editor's Words----As the first three recommended bookstores are all located in Fuzhou Road, Huangpu district, one can spend a whole day on his cultural journey without trudging from here and there. If you really want to buy some good books, do remember to bring a durable bag to carry them. Hope you guys have a great time!
Night Owls in Action
Recommended Bars
If you want to enjoy the colourful nightlife of Shanghai, then several Bar Streets must be added on your must-try list.
shanghai entertainmentHengshan Road
Hengshan Road Bar Street is the longest one full of the exotic atmosphere as it stands near the area of foreign consulates. After the sunset, along Henshan Raod, travelers could see hundreds of bars, big or small, such as the energetic "Boti Street", the nostalgic "Time Moving Back", the classical and modern "CangLong Fang" etc. Besides bars, here also circles with some specialized restaurants like the "Shidongyan Barbecue" from Australia, "Friday Chain Restaurant" from America, "Yuanlu Sushi" from Japanese as well as "Tiantai Restaurant" from Thailand, attract people throughout the world.
How to ge there: take bus NO. 15, 824, 830 and stop at Henshan Road Fuxing Middle Road Stop.
Yandang Road
Next to the prosperous and vital Huaihai Middle Road, there appears a quiet and elegant street called Yandang Road. Built in 1943, Yandang Road is content with splendid European-style architectures. Bars and featured restaurants along with the exquisite-decorated coffee houses make travelers be fully content.
How to get there: take bus NO. 926 and stop at Huaihai Middle Road.
Recommended Coffee Houses
UBC Coffee
UBC Coffee originally started in Japan, and then spread in Taiwan, being one of the largest-scale coffee chains there. With a modern outlook, elegant inside decorations and cozy environment, customers here can sense comfort easily. UBC Coffee offers all kinds of coffee including Italian coffee, Brazilian coffee, Columbia coffee, Lanshan coffee etc., meeting all needs of customers.
Address: NO.198, Nanjing West Road, Huangpu district, Shanghai.上海黄浦区南京西路198号
Tel: 021-63583003
Address:NO.2, Huashan Road, Jing'an district, Shanghai. 上海静安区华山路2号
Tel: 021-62482357
shanghai entertainmentStarbucks Coffee
If you are a white-collar worker with a nice salary, then you are a target customer of Starbucks Coffee. Elegant inside decorations along with casual American Jazz, Starbucks is a paradise for coffee drinkers. Both Cappuccino and Latte enjoy the most popularity here. Totally different from other cafes, Starbucks clings to the feeling of absolute freedom and complete self-service. It is here that customers can sense the rare relaxation, having nothing to do with showing off one's elegance and wealth.
Address: Room 01-12, Fushi Plaza, NO.268, Tibet Middle Road, Huangpu district, Shanghai. 上海黄浦区西藏中路268号福士广场01-12室
Tel: 021-63403068
Address: NO.1168, Nanjing West Road, Jing'an district, Shanghai.上海市静安区南京西路1168号
Tel: 021-52984548
shanghai entertainmentRecommended Cinemas
Broadband International Cineplex
All films run here are equipped with both English and Chinese subtitles. Besides, the waiters and waitresses in Broadband International Cineplex are good at many different languages and offer very good services.
Address: the 6th floor of Time's Square, NO.99, Huaihai Middle Road, Luwan district, Shanghai. 上海卢湾区淮海中路99号上海时代广场6楼
Tel: 021-63910363
How to get there: take bus NO.955, 41, 104 and stop at Huaihai Middle Road Stop.
Yonghua Cinema
Address: the 6th floor of Ganghui Plaza, NO.1, Hongqiao Road, Xuhui district, Shanghai.上海徐汇区虹桥路1号港汇广场6楼
Tel: 021-64076622
How to get there: take bus NO.920, 926, 42 and stop at Xujiahui Stop.
Shanghai Cineplex
Address: NO.160, Xinhua Road, Changning district, Shanghai. 上海长宁区新华路160号
How to get there: take bus NO.113, 506 and stop at Xingfu Village Stop.
Recommended KTVs
Haoledi KTV
Address: NO.479, Nanjing East Road, Huangpu district, Shanghai. 上海黄浦区南京东路479号
Tel: 021-63115858
Address: NO.2, Shunchang Road, Luwan district, Shanghai. 上海卢湾区顺昌路2号
Tel: 021-63115858
Yangge KTV
Address: NO.28, Guoji Road, Yangpu district, Shanghai.上海杨浦区国济路28号
Tel: 021-55678218
Address: NO.220, Wulumuqi North Road, Jing'an district, Shanghai.上海静安区乌鲁木齐北路220号
Editor's Words----Stamped with colorfulness and sparkles, nightlife here will show another side of Shanghai city. Thus, if you want to know the real Shanghai, please do not miss its nightlife!
Other Recommended Entertainment
shanghai entertainment"Oriental Broadway"- Shanghai Paramount Hall(百乐门)
Paramount Ballroom, regarded as the Oriental Broadway, is a renowned place of amusement in Shanghai. Because of the operation of both grand hotels and dancing halls, its full name is "Paramount Hall Grand Hotel & Dancing Hall".
Nowadays, you may find that a great number of plays about the history and development of Shanghai utilize Paramount Hall as a filming spot. Paramount Hall is a reliable witness of the whole growing process of Shanghai, from small and plain to its all-round prosperity.
Address: NO.218, Yuyuan Road, Jing'an District Shanghai. (上海市静安区愚园路218号)
Tel: 021-62530628
How to get there: Take bus NO.927, 506, 113 and get off at Jing'an Temple Stop.
shanghai entertainmentShanghai Circus World
All the kids love circus, so if you travel to Shanghai with kids, Shanghai Circus World is highly recommended. It enjoys the reputation of "No.1 Circus World in China". With Zhabei Stadium and Guangzhong Park nearby, the transportation here is quite convenient. The main building is a huge golden sphere, in which there are advancedly designed lighting equipment and stage, making it one of the landmarks of Shanghai. All kinds of performances presented by the artists from all over the world take place here all year long. What is more, you can also appreciate plays, concerts and other stage arts here. Shanghai Circus World covers an area of approximately 2.2 hectares, and it has the capacity of hosting all kinds of performances and shows.
Address: No.288 Guangzhongxi Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai.(上海马戏城闸北区广中西路)
Tel: 021-66525468
How to get there: take bus 46, 203,916 to Guangzhong Road.
Admission Fee: Depending on the type of the show