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Shanghai Family Tour

Travelling with family is an enjoyable thing. Whether you want to give your parents a relaxing tour of Shanghai, or to give your children a cheerful trip of Shanghai, we will try to meet your needs.
To take good care of elder people in you group, we will offer you a relatively easy itinerary and relaxed travel schedule. In this way, other members in this group will have chance to explore Shanghai deeply.
If you travel with kids, you need to add more fun for the Children. Happy valleys, Children’s Paradise are all good choices. Also we will arrange you some other popular attraction such as Shanghai Science & Technology Museum where children can get science and technology knowledge and Shanghai Wild Animal Park where children can see over 200 kinds of animals from all over the world including rare animals and animals under the state special protection.
Shanghai Family Tour List

Nanhui Day Trip - Peach Blossoms Watching

  • Destination: Shanghai-->Nanhui-->Shanghai
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Type:Private
  • Our Price
  • from US $60
  • Nanhui Day Trip - Peach Blossoms Watching
  • Our Price
  • from US $435
  • Shanghai Family 4 Day Tour
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