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Shanghai Pudong Shopping

Editor's words----Because of the special geographical location and historical background, Shanghai has been a gathering of foreigners and rich men during the modern times. Thus a variety of high-quality imports and domestic merchandises are available here, where is known as a "Shopping Paradise". Now as the establishment of Shanghai's metropolitan status has been firmed, "shopping" has become an indispensable part of travelling in Shanghai.

Where to buy in Pudong

With a long-time commercial development, Shanghai has gradually formed the famous "Four Streets, Four Cities":

pudong shoppingRegardless of whether shopping or not, the First Commercial Street of China-Nanjing Road is one of the must-sees for tourists from other cities. It is one of the world's most famous commercial streets as well as a best shopping place for Shanghai Citizens and travelers. Not to mention one can enjoy seeing Shanghai's specialties at famous and old stores, just walking along the street, tourists can feel like going into a museum which has experienced the evolution from historical times to modern times. Here the time-honored stores include Shanghai Yong'an Company, Xianshi Company, Xinxin Company and Daxin Company. And currently the largest and most versatile New World Shopping Center, which contains the best shopping environment with entertainment, hotels, catering, business and leisure combined together, is another excellent choice for travelers. Nanjing Road is always lively and bustling during the holiday time.

A lot of famous shops and stores are all around the elegant Huaihai road. From here we can see the most cutting-edge trends shown by young men and women wearing the most fashion clothes, making you feel walking into a live "Elle".

Sichuan North Road-a Civilian commercial street accumulates a lot of shops and stores that sell cheap and good-quality merchandises, and has always been a favorite shopping place for ordinary people in Shanghai.

pudong shoppingNevertheless, the Yuyuan Shopping Mall and the Shanghai Old Street Mall is entirely a different story, where gathers a great number of products and goods reflecting the characteristics of old Shanghai. Here you can have a taste of the famous Nanxiang "Xiaolongbao" (or steamed bun/ dumpling), pick out one piece of gold ornament in Shanghai Lao Miao Jewelry Store, enjoy the Yuyuan Mart's crafts, and then head for the Street of Chinese Shops where Zhang Xiaoquan scissors shop and Shanghai chopsticks stores could be found. If you would like to bring a bit of Shanghai specialties to your families and friends, here is your first choice!

If you want to buy exquisite products,the map will show you clearly that the most worth-visiting places are run by two metro lines.

From Xujiahui to the Huaihai Middle Road is a preferred shopping route which is run through by the NO.1 Metro Line. Particularly the Huaihai Middle Road, where you can get an eyeful of pretty girls as many as cloud, as a result, unique shopping block is stretching along the road.

Moreover, the famous Nanjing Road, together with Meilong Zhen Shopping Mall, Citic Pacific and Hang Lung Plaza, is run through the NO.2 Metro Line.

pudong shoppingAt the conjunction of the NO.1 and NO.2 Metro Lines appears the renowned People's Square with Hong Kong Outlets and DMTECH on the grand floor. If you want to buy some cheap and good-quality products, then Town God's Temple is your best choice. If you want to buy smart clothes with an exiguous budget, you can go to Xiangyang Road Apparel Market to have a look. Zhengda Shopping Mall, which is located at Lujiazui, is one of the largest Shopping Centers in China. It has a total area of 240,000 square kilometers with over 1000 international and domestic merchandises. A wide variety of delicious cuisine and a series of entertainment facilities like theaters, skating rink and KTV are glitering the famous Shopping Mall.

The Shanghai New Commercial Mall, a 5-minute drive from Zhengda Shopping Mall, is a municipal business district gathering 18 commercial buildings and hundreds of stores. The "leader" is the New Century Commercial Mansion with a total gross sales ranked first in the country. As to buy household electrical appliances, the best places are Gome, Gotone and Quyang Electronics Store, stamped with the logo of "genuine goods at fair price".

The household products could be bought in Shanghai"s large supermarkets such as Carrefour, Metro, RT-Mart, Hymall, Lotus and Hualian etc. Most of those supermarkets are sited out of the inner ring road as well as in the concentrated area of residence. In addition, over hundreds of Shanghai Hualian, Lianhua, Agribusiness supermarket chains and 24-hour convenience stores will definite benifit your life.

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