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shanghai shoppingEditor's words----Shangahi has been exerting striving efforts to establish its status as a shopping paradise for visitors to live up its renowned reputation as an international cosmopolis. Here you can buy anything that you can think of, ranging from fashionable clothes, to various kinds of Shanghai-style souvenirs and antiques. Whatever you want, your desire can be satisfied here.

Shopping in Shanghai will definitely be a memeorable and pleasant experience for you. With a little patience, sharp observation and bargaining skills, you can buy to your heart's content. For those with limited budgets, there are plenty of special areas that are funny to explore and gather less expensive, yet equally cool and interesting items.
Shanghai has four main shopping areas: Huaihai Road, Nanjing Road and Xujiahui in Puxi and Lujiazui in Pudong, which include gorgeous department stores. Shanghaifocus now gives you a detailed description of the two most renowned commercial streets.
Where to buy in Shanghai
Renowned Commercial Steet
Shanghai has become a shopping paradise for visitors mainly because of its reputed streets, including Nanjing Road, the country's No.1 Commercial Street which gathers clothes, shoes, food, cosmetics, digital products and entertainment centers together within a circle, and Huaihai Road, a street of world-famous brands and latest fashions to attract customers from all over the world. Generally shops in Shanghai run from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m..
shanghai shoppingHuaihai Road
Huaihai Road is popular among Shanghainese and stands for anything that is fashionable and trendy in Shanghai. With more than 400 stores lined along the street, this lively commercial street sells clothing of every style. Dotted along with moderninzed buildings one after another, it attracts over a million visitors per day for shopping and sightseeing.
Huaihai Road is definitely the epicenter of shopping and consists of large stores where you can obtain both costly and middle-range priced goods in abundance. Here you will find the ever-popular and famous Xiangyang Copy market, where a multitude of stores sell various stylish clothes. And Xintiandi is the home to a large number of international boutiques with designer fashion from all over the world.
Nanjing Road
Renowned as the "shopping paradise", Nanjing Road is the top ranking commercial center of the city. Here gathers hundreds of stores and shopping malls such as Shanghai Garment Fashion Company, NO.1 Foodstuff Company, focusing on selling local specialties and famous brands throughout the world.
It is estimated that more than 1.8 million visitors come here every day for shopping or sightseeing. Shanghai No.1 Department Store, ranked among the first three retailer stores in the country for years, Shanghai Hualian Plaza and Shanghai New World, all circle around Nanjing Road, making the road prosperous and vital.
Sunenirs & Antiques
Stores that sell Chinese souvenirs are available almost everywhere. If you want to buy high-quality Shanghai-style souvenirs at unbelievably low prices, we would recommend you the following markets where a collection of souvenir shops or dealers can be found to test and improve your bargaining skills.
shanghai shoppingYuyuan Garden
Yuyuan Shopping City is the venue for Chinese specialties, ranging from small articles, local crafts, antiques, jade wares as well as gold and silver jewelries. This large and centralized market gathers hundreds of specialty stores that sell traditional food and local goods. In a word, Yuyuan Shopping City can meet all the requirements of customers.
Old Town God Temple
Most of the streets in the Old Town God Temple area are for pedestrians only with a wideth of 3 or 4 meters. With a history of over 90 or 100 years, buildings here are mainly old Chinese-style architecture. Some well-known stores are listed here to meet your special need of souvenirs colllection.
shanghai shoppingShanghai Chopsticks Store
Here provides customers with chopsticks of different types. Travelers can know more about the Chinese culture by stepping into the store.
Wanli Walking-sticks Shop
Wanli walking stick means that you are able to walk as far as ten thousand Li with the help of the walking stick. Of course, this is an exaggerated way but there is really a good collection of many special sticks from all over the country. For instance, the refined walk-stick with the West Lake scenery of Hangzhou on it, the walking stick finely carved with dragon and phoenix etc.
Dongtai Road Antique Market
Dongtai Road Antique Market is a market mainly sells porcelains, jade wares, bronzen wares, wooden wares, calligraphy, paintings and embroidery utensils. Lots of tourists from home and aboard come to look for things they feel like.
shanghai shoppingDuolun Road Antique Mrket
Duolun Road is a short and quiet street gathered with stores selling all sorts of products. You'll find all kinds of ceramics, paintings, calligraphy, etc here. The stores on the street seem deep and dark, with old but precious products to be filled in. They sell things as well as purchase valuable products. The street itself is just like a museum. walking into it, you can feel the customs and fashion of old Shanghai.
Fuyou Road Market
Fuzhou Road earned its fame as "Culture Street" a century ago. The outlets here offer a great number of cultural items like books and art products at negotiable prices. It is now a kind of fashion for Shanghai citizens to wander along Fuzhou Road after work to browse through all sorts of books and magazines in the stores along the road.

Qipu lu (Cheap road)

Qipu lu (Cheap road) is probably the closest one can get to a wholesale clothes market in Shanghai other than going to the factories themselves. The closest station is Nanjing Road E. on Metro line No.2. You can take a taxi (only 11rmb) or walk from there if you have time, just to experience all the wheeling and dealing happening on the footpath along the way. Qipu lu (Cheap road)  is famous for its clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, swimwear and jewelry which are all very affordable. There are three shopping malls, on each corner of an intersection of Qipu lu, each with about 4-5 stories of shops, all filled with trendy and fashionable made-in-China clothing.
If you are looking for footwear, do check out Xing Wang Fu Shi Shi change Market at No.168 Qipu lu (Cheap road) . You know you are in the right shopping mall because the entire floor of the basement sells shoes. Do go early however as it closes at 5.30pm. Also, after you go through one mall, you will find that the other malls sell similar goods.