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In a word, we both have a lot fun out of this short stay in Shanghai.... See More

Shanghai Side Trip

Shanghai is just a part of the beautiful Jiangnan(South of Yangtze River). Jiangnan has been always regarded as the most graceful area in China. Many romantic legends and stories are related with Jiangnan. You can find many things so different from Shanghai in its neighboring cities, such as classical gardens in Suzhou, tranquil West Lake in Hangzhou, natural and cultural heritage Huangshan, ancient capital city Nanjing, graceful Yangzhou, sacred Buddhist Putuoshan, and other countless attractions. Find more than Shanghai now.
Shanghai-Neighborhood Tour
  • Former capital highly praised as philanthropic city...
  • World-famous for it fabulous silk, embroidery...
  • Paradise on earth with amazing sceneries around West Lake ...
  • Poetic sceneries, savory cuisine, profound history...
  • A seaside city nearby famed Buddhist moutain Putuoshan...
  • Origins for the Wu Culture and dubbed the "Little Shanghai"...
  • * Shanghai-Suzhou 120km
  • * Shanghai-Hangzhou 200km
  • * Shanghai-Huangshan 430km
  • * Shanghai-Nanjing 300km
  • * Shanghai-Zhenjiang 260km
  • * Shanghai-Shaoxing 230km
  • * Shanghai-Ningbo 230km
  • * Shanghai-Yangzhou 290km
  • * Shanghai-Wuxi 130km