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Shanghai Tour

Currently as the largest city in China, Shanghai is also the economic hub of the fast-developing China. Meanwhile, its unique history endowed this city with priceless heritage. Tour around this city, you will experience both the latest trends and featured tradition. With its advance transportation both domestic and international, Shanghai will be out of question the perfect place to start your exploration of China.
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※ Stroll along the Bund in the night to unfold the wide prospect of various architectures;
※ please your taste buds with steamed buns after hanging around City God Temple bazaar;
※ Appreciate marvelous Chinese classic horticulture in Yuyuan Garden;
※ Experience speed on Maglev Train and feel dynamic Shanghai;
※ Lifted to the world's fourth tallest tower on the Pearl TV
in a minute;
※ Get dressed to the Xintiandi clubs of romantic atmosphere;
MoreShanghai Group Tour

Join in a group and tour around Shanghai. Enjoy the best discount from us, a Shanghai local tour operator.

MoreShanghai Half Day Tour
Shanghai Half Day Tour
SHF knows that you may not have much time touring Shanghai. We recommend half-day tours, getting a glimpse of Shanghai. Spare half day out of your valuable time. This beautiful city is worth sightseeing, even if it's only half a day. Choose from tour lists or tell us your plans so that we can tailor you unique Shanghai tour.
MoreShanghai Day Tour
Shanghai Day Tour
It's definitely not enough to cover all Shanghai attractions within just one day. But it's possible for SHF to present you with its highlights. Take fully advantage of your valuable time and find the one you feel most interested. Or turn to Customized Tour to tell us your travel plans.
MoreShanghai Multi-Day Tour
Shanghai Multi-Day Tour
Shanghai has both long history and well developed today. If you have enough holidays available, we strongly recommend you to spend some days here. Get in-depth exploration of this sophisticated city.
MoreShanghai Theme Tour
Shanghai Theme Tour

Besides regular tours, SHF prepares theme tours for your specific interest, such as shopping, golf playing, tracing of history, nightlife, etc. Check out what properly fit your unique request in the tour list. We welcome you to inspire us. Tell us what attracts you but we haven't got yet now. We will customize theme tours for you exclusively.
MoreShanghai Night Tour
Shanghai Night Tour
Shanghai is the heaven for evening hang-outer. Renowned as sleepless city, Shanghai never fails to offer colorful night activities for both tourists and its citizens. Night clubs with creative ideas, world-class performances, restaurants offering China cuisine, featured streets with souvenirs and snacks…. Shanghai offers more than you expect at night!
MoreShanghai Airport Transfer
Shanghai Airport Transfer
Are you tired of missing the airport shuttles which have long and fixed intervals? Or are you afraid of being overcharged by the taxi drivers? Our Airport Vehicle Service will surely get rid of all your frustration and worries. You can arrive at wherever you want at a bugdet price. High-quality service assures our promise.
MoreShanghai Bus Tour
See More Shanghai Bus Tour
Want to explore the most popular and famous attractions in Shanghai in the most economic way? Be tired of traveling alone, want to make more friends and have more fun while traveling? Our join-in bus tours meet your need.
MoreShanghai Layover Tours
See More Shanghai Layover Tours
While taking international flight, what do you usually do when you have to stop over and wait for your connect flight? Drink some coffee in café, reading in book stores, or just sitting and wait? If your flight stops at Shanghai airport for over 6 to 8 hours, we recommend another way to kill the time. Take a layover tour to the town.