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Suzhou Quick Fact

suzhou factsSuzhou Brief

Location: west to Shanghai.
Area: a total area of 8488 square kilometers.
Population: 6,297,50
Being a neighbor of the international metropolis-Shanghai, the ancient city Suzhou has been developing really fast in recent years. Booming not only in economy and finance, the tourism in Suzhou has been greatly promoted as well. In the section, ShanghaiFocus will provide you with all-round and useful information as your guide when traveling in Suzhou.
What to do in Suzhou
Hundreds of Suzhou gardens, celebrated food streets as well as bars and teahouses spring up , being another main point appealing to tourists. Stamped with traditional Suzhou styles, Suzhou Garden is a must-visit spot that should be added on your list. Such yummy delicacies as Squirrel-shaped mandarin fish, Jiasohuazi (beggar's ) chicken, Sweet dried bean etc. enjoy great reputation both home and abroad. While reputable specialties like Biluochun Tea, Song Brocade, Suzhou embroidery along with Taicang dried meat floss are the best gifts for travelers to bring to their families, relatives and friends. If you want to experience the real Suzhou culture and custom, the teahous is a must-go place, as a variety of famous Chinese Green Teas and the local Pintan are available here.
Suzhou is also honored as "the Shopping Paradise" with a great number of famous commercial streets gathered, providing customers with countless catagories of merchandises. Both Guanqian and Shiru Walk Street as well as Shiquan and Nanmen Commercial Street offer customers high-quality service and cozy, warm shopping atmosphere, which benefit people a lot.
Transportation in Suzhou is accessible and quite convenient. Suzhou is in possession of a large public transportation network and average daily passenger volume. The means of transportation are various from buses, taxis to trains and ships by which tourists can easily travel around Suzhou or the neighbor towns and cities. However, if you prefer to travel by air, you have to go to Shanghai or Wuxi since it does not possess its own airport. But do not worry, frequent daily bus can easily send you to these cities, which takes you only a small amount of time.
The most important transportation facilities in Suzhou are bus and trains with all together four long-distance bus stations scattered, i.e. Suzhou North Long-distance Bus Terminal, Suzhou South Long-distance Bus Terminal, Suzhou West Long-distance Bus Terminal as well as Wuzhong Long-distance Bus Terminal. All these four are easily accessed by an advanced as well as convenient bus network. While Suzhou Railway Station, renowned as a first-class railway station, is situated on the north side of the city. It was reconstructed two years ago with a lot of new functions to be added. Machines are equipped to check tickets in stead of the station staff. What's more, for the purpose of offering disabled people convenience, the Station has installed 10 non-obstacle elevators along with 44 escalators. Moreover, mobile toilets are also set up to greatly benefit passengers.
Weather and Best Visiting Time
Located in the lower reach of Yangtze River, Suzhou enjoys the subtropical ocean monsoon climate which is fairly warm and humid, with four seasons distinct. The spring and autumn is shorter while the summer and winter is a little longer. As the average temperature is about 16 degrees, the winter in Suzhou is also comfortable,so it is a hot destination for tourists all year round. Especially, from April to October, the garden city is green and covered with blooming flowers. Strolling the city during this time, you can't help acclaiming the city as"heaven on earth".
Editor's words----When paying the visit in Suzhou, do remember to bring your camera to Kodak your wonderful journey here. Since Suzhou is well policed, safety will not be a big problem here but do keep an eye of your own property as sone minor thefts will still happen from time to time. In China, you can call 110(like 911 in US) to inform police and ask for help.

Top Attractions
1)  Nanjing Confucius Temple
2)  Dr. Sun Yat-sens Mausoleum
3)  Ming Xiaoling
4)  Memorial Hall of the Nanjing Massacre
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Suzhou Tour

Civilized some 2500 years ago, Suzhou is the cradle of Wu Culture. Long time ago, Suzhou had gained to its prominent position in China's history. Literati, magnates and politicians swarmed there and numerous cultural heritages have been left, mainly elaborately-designed gardens such as Humble Administrator’s Garden, Lion Grove Garden, and Lingering Garden. Highly-developed silk industry endowed this city with large fortune. Due to its humid climate and its geography, there are many beautiful water towns (Zhou Zhuang, Tongli, Luzhi and Mudu Town) nearby Suzhou which are worthwhile your visiting.

Classical gardens are always the most specific reason for visiting Suzhou;
Boat cruise on the Grand Canal and appreciate alongside Shantang Old Street preserved in original appearance;

Visit Panmen Gate – China’s largest land & water gate;
Visit Suzhou Silk Factory and take the chance to see how fabulous silk is produced.
Avoid hustle city life and indulge yourself in tranquil water towns, walk on meandering on slabstone-paved paths, board a boat and cruise on winding rivers;

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Suzhou Travel Tips
Average Temperature Month Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
(°C) 3~9 4~10 6~15 15~20 15~25 22~30 25~35 25~35 20~30 15~24 10~18 3~12
Real-time Weather
Useful Phone Numbers Police:
Fire Emergency:
Phone No. Enquiry:
Hospital Ambulance:
Railway Enquiry:
Taxi Call:
Travel Tips What clothes to bring:
Suzhou has mild climate fitting for traveling all year around. Winter is not very cold but humid, so travelers may not feel very comfortable.
Taxi charge: starting price of RMB9, and RMB1.8 per km after exceeding 3 km (RMB2/km in Passat tax). If the mileage exceeds 5 km, there will be additional 50% of the taxi fare charged as empty-car fare.
Travel Tips:
Suzhou silk and embroidery are world famous. We suggest you take this chance to find those first-class products here.