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Shanghai Train Tickets

China Train Tickets Booking
ShanghaiFocus offers train ticket booking service reaching to main cities of China, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, and Guilin.
5 Main Train Types in China
Trains with numbers starting with D or G refers to China Railway High-speed (abbr. CRH) trains. This kind of trains runs at speed of 200-350km/h. There are first class seats and second class seats. It is characteristically comfortable, clean and well-equipped.

Trains with numbers starting with Z refers to “Express Trains". This kind of trains won't stop until arrive its unique destination. Mostly overnight, these trains have 4-berth cabin (hard sleeper) and 2-berth cabin (soft sleeper). Also there are hard-seat and soft-seat tickets.

Trains with numbers starting with T also refers to “Express Trains". Different from Z trains, the T trains will have certain stops before arrive the final destination. But equipments such as toilets, air-conditioning and washing rooms are also available on these trains as Z trains.

Train with numbers starting with K means "Fast Train". The speed is lower than those Z or T trains. K trains have more stops but there is also air-conditioning, a restaurant compartment, and public washing rooms.

The slowest trains in China are those named with only 4 numbers, no capital English letters like the other trains. These trains have no air-conditioning systems or restaurant compartment. But the train tickets are cheap. So many villagers or vendors choose these this kind of trains to save money.
There are 4 classes of train tickets in China:
Hard Seat: the cheapest option. It is usually crowded and there are many people standing in the cabin. The toilet is the most austere and stinky with squatting holes over the tracks. If you are taking an overnight train, you are strongly suggested not to purchase this kind of tickets. There is little chance to fall asleep in a cabin like this.

Soft Seat: the best option for a short journey within 5 hours. Clean and comfortable. It costs more than hard-seat tickets but not that costly.

Hard Sleeper: Holding hard-sleeper tickets means you will spend the night in an open cabin with 6 berths. There is no door between cabins. It is comparatively noisy and there is a squat toilet at the end of each carriage.

Soft Sleeper: Compared with hard sleepers, soft-sleeper carriage has 4 berths (some deluxe carriage has 2 berths only) and has a door. So it is more private and quieter. There is a squat toilet at the end of each carriage.