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Taihu Lake

Lake Taihu (Lake Tai or Taihu Lake) is the third largest freshwater lake with an area of 2,250 km2. It is a shallow subtropical lake with an average depth of 2 meters.Details

Lingshan Grand Buddha

Located in the Maji Mountain area, the Lingshan Grand Buddha is one of the most renowned tourist attractions in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, together with the nearby historic Xiangfu Temple, a thousand-year old Buddhism temple.Details

Liyuan Garden

Liyuan Park, or Liyuan Garden, is 10 km southwest of Wuxi and is in the north of Lihu Lake. The garden can be divided into two parts – the lake and the park itself.Details

Turtle-head Peninsula Park

Wuxi is often called the "Pearl of Lake Taihu," and the best place to see the beauty of the lake is from the gardens of the Yuan Tou Zhu peninsula and its nearby islands. Yuan Tou Zhu literally means "the Head of the Dragon-Turtle," inspired the way the peninsula dramatically juts out into the lake.Details

Jichang Garden

The garden has a history of 500 years and was once owned by a famous family in Song Dynasty. The garden had a renovation in Qing Dynasty and was visited multiple times by two Emperors in Qing Dynasty, Kangxi and Qianlong.Details

Sea of Bamboo

South Mountain Bamboo Ocean is the highest grade mountain development area in Liyang, with less artificial work; it can give a feeling of returning to true life and the nature.Details

Shanjuan Cave

Shanjuan Cave is considered one of the three most wonderful caves in the world. The two other are Hanren Cave of Belgium and Lyons Cave of France. It is located in Luoyan Mountain, about 20 kilometers to the southwest of Yixing. It is the main body of Shanjuan Cave Scenic Spot. The cave has been famous for its beautiful cave scenery since ancient times. Many celebrities visited here and some of them wrote inscriptions which expressed their high praise...Details

Lihu Lake

Li Lake's legend has it that 2,400 years ago Grand Master Fanli helped Goujian, the Duke of Yue, eliminate the state of Wu. He then took the wise move of stepping down and returning to the seclusion of Wuli Lake together with Xishi, a stunning beauty.Lihu Lake is a narrow strip of water, 9.5 square kilometres in area, and looks enchanting with its tranquil and limpid appearance. Liyuan Garden is a private garden built in the early 20th century...Details

Shanjuan Cave

The cave's name was given in a legend that Shanjuan, an early sage living in a primitive society 4,000 – 5,000 year ago in Chinese history, resided in this cave after he refused an appointment from the King of Shun.Details

Wuxi Theme Parks

These three theme parks revive the world of ancient China in a flash of spectacle. They were originally built as TV sets for mini-series based on two of China's most famous historical novels, the Three Kingdoms and the Water Margin.