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Some 3000 years ago Wuxi was completely desolate when two fugitive princes found this area. After generation and generation, Wuxi grows as cultural centre and economic hub in South China.   It is one of important origins for the Wu Culture and meanwhile dubbed the "Little Shanghai", referring to its massive economic developments. Historical and cultural significance make Wuxi one of China's most popular tourist destinations.  Classic gardens, historical relics, ancient temples, lakes and parks, dazzling pearls, and incredibly vivid clay figures, more than you can expect are what Wuxi prepares.
Although less known than Suzhou's gardens, but Wuxi's classic gardens are not in the shade. Jichang Garden, Liyuan Garden and Plum Garden were successful garden models providing novelty and merriment to visitors.

Diligent Wuxi people are also creative to make their daily life comfortable as much as possible. They combined natural sceneries and local custom together, created habitat-friendly environment and tourism zones. Refined Taihu Lake, Lihu Lake, Xihui Park, and Dragon-Head Peninsula never fail to please visitor's eyes.
Yixing area of Wuxi is featured for its Karst caves which are not commonly seen around Shanghai and East China.  Explore the fantasy of Karst landforms in Linggu Cave, Shanjuan Cave and Zhanggong Cave. Numerous distinguished guests have visited there and left famous poems and beautiful stone carvings. Maybe you will get your own inspiration.
  Lingshan Giant Buddha, 88 meters in height, is now the world's tallest outdoor Sakyamuni statue, 17-meter higher than Chengdu Leshan Giant Buddha. It is more and more used as symbol of Wuxi and attracts visitors nationally and internationally. Definitely a must-see for visitors!
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Wuxi Travel Tips
Average Temperature Month Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
(°C) 3~9 4~10 6~15 15~20 15~25 22~30 25~35 25~35 20~30 15~24 10~18 3~12
Real-time Weather
Useful Phone Numbers Police:
Fire Emergency:
Phone No. Enquiry:
Hospital Ambulance:
Railway Enquiry:
Taxi Call:
0510- 88008800
Flight Enquiry:
0510- 96889788
Travel Tips Best Time to Visit Wuxi:March - May, September - October; but please suggest you avoid the period of May 01-03 and Oct 01-07 which are legal holidays and peak time of traveling in Wuxi.
How to get there:
Wuxi has operated flights to main cities in China such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Chongqing, Chengdu, Kunming, Wuhan and Dalian. International routes reach Osaka, Macau and Hong Kong.
It is very convenient if you drive to Wuxi. It is only 2-hour driving, from Shanghai, 1-hour from Suzhou, 2.5-hour from Hangzhou or Nanjing.
Taxi Charge:
Starting price of RMB10 , and RMB2.85 per km after exceeding 3 km, plus an additional fuel rise fare of RMB1;
Events & Festivals:
International Plum Cultural Festival: March
The Peach Blossom Festival of Yangshan: March-April;
The Tour of Cherry Blossom: from late March to early April
The Tourism Festival of Taihu Lake :September-October
Shanghai Pudong Airport has the direct bus to Wuxi
Departure time table: 11:20, 12:20, 13:20, 14:20, 15:20, 16:20, 17:20, 18:20
Ticket expense: 100yuan.