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Wuzhen Tour

Ancestors of Wuzhen lived here some 7000 years ago since New Stone Age. In the past 1000 years, it never changes its name, address or waterway system. Wuzhen is the only water town with the Grand Canal running through.  Profound history and favorable location endow this town with splendid culture. While developing tourism nowadays, Wuzhen also makes maximum efforts to preserve the township to its original appearance. There are more than 100 ancient bridges and 40 hectares of late 19th century original buildings. You may see craft demonstrations in Wuzhen now such as fabric printing and dyeing and wine brewage.
If you visit Wuzhen, we strongly suggest you to stay overnight there. Wuzhen’s night scenery is the acme of water town views. Flagging streets, obscure streetlamps, winding lanes, creaking boat on rivers and leisurely passers-by, peaceful atmosphere…. All these create dreamland-like Wuzhen for your overnight stay. Not like austere hotel condition of the other water towns, Wuzhen offers comfortable lodging condition for tourists. Comfortable guest houses, deluxe suites, cafes, clubs and spa houses are all in traditional local-styled buildings. Pack up and come to feel a different water town in Wuzhen. You won’t regret.
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Wuzhen Travel Tips
Average Temperature Month Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
(°C) 1~8 2~10 6~14 12~20 17~24 21~28 25~33 24~32 20~27 14~22 9~17 3~11
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Useful Phone Numbers Management Center Office: 0573-88718700
Visitor Center: 0573-88731088
Travel Tips Travel in Wuzhen:
Wuzhen total is divided into four parts: Dongzha (east gate), Xizha (west gate). Xizha has been equipped with featured guest houses, hotels and clubs. Ideal for an overnight water town tour.
Transportation in Wuzhen:
West gate scenic spot: using Entrance fees to Wuzhen for free ferry by big ship at entrance. Also there are "bus-boats", which is equivalent to the bus on land; docked along the river waterway are for visitor getting on and down to various attractions, RMB 5/stop.
Festivals in Wuzhen:
Fragrant Bazaar begins from Tomb Sweeping Day (Apr. 4th or 5th) and lasts for half to a month time long. Fragrant Bazaar has a long history in Wuzhen, and MAO Dun, a famous writer in China once called it as "China's rural carnival", which is extremely rich folk feature of public sentiment custom activity.
Folk Performances in Wuzhen:
shadow puppetry 8:30—11:20、13:00—16:30,totally 21 plays, a play every 10 minites; Flower Drum Opera 9:00-16:30 a play every 30 minutes