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Xian Location:in Shanxi Province,the northwest of China
Xian Area:9,983 km2(3,854.5 sq mi)
Xian Population:8,252,000(by 208)

Xi'an, with a history of more than 6,000 years, is now the capital of Shaanxi Province, known as Chang'an in ancient times. In 1981, Xian was listed as World-class Historic City by UNESCO.

The city has been capital for 13 dynasties, spanning over 1,000 years .In total, 73 emperors ruled here, leaving numerous mysteries and legends, waiting for your exploration. Even before the lives of Christ, Mohammad, and Siddhartha, Xi'an had already become a world class city and been influencing the world outside of The Great Wall of China. As the eastern terminus of the Silk Road(丝绸之路), gathering the most fancy goods and sharpest brains from all over the world.

Xian tours are tours of adventure and cultural experience, perfect for those who are eager to see different cultures in their China tours.

What to see and do in Xian

Xian is rich in tourist resources, Terra Cotta Warriors as the most distinguished one, which was discovered with a group of peasants by chance. Terra Cotta Warriors lies 1.5 km east of The Tomb of Qin Shi Hwang, known as the First Emperor of Qin, who unified China about 2200 years ago. Emperor Qin, from whom China gets its name, ordered the creation of this model army for his tomb, dreaming about commanding his soldiers in his afterlife. Big Wild Goose Pagoda is another famous site in Xian. Big Wild Goose Pagoda is one of the most famous Buddhist pagodas in China. The Pagoda was built in the Tang Dynasty to collect Buddhist scriptures. Although it is worn by wind and rain, the architecture is well preserved, making it a must when people travel to Xian.Chi'in Melody, also known as Shaanxi Opera(Qing Qiang 秦腔 in Mandarin Chinese), is the most time-honored opera in China, hailed as the "source of all Chinese operas".If you are interested in Chinese arts, Shaanxi Opera is something you should never miss.


As the economic and financial center in northwest China, Xian possesses convenient and accessible transportation. Xian Xianyang International Airport (IATA: XIY) is located 40 km northwest of the city centre, in Xianyang, which enables travelers fly to most of large cities in China and some international destination. In 2008, the construction of subway broke ground and will certainly make it much more convenient for travelers to getting in and around the city.

Weather and best visiting time

Xian has a sub-humid continental monsoon climate featuring four distinct seasons. The annual average temperature is 13 degree centigrade. April to May and September to November are the two ideal times to visit Xian.