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Xikou Drift Scenic Area

Xikou Drift Scenic Area is 3 kilometers to the west of Xikou Town adjacent to the five-star Silver Phoenix Resort Village. At the golden waterway of Shanxi Brook, Xikou Drift serves a 60-minute journey for the whole distance of 4.5 kilometers, and visitors should go ashore at Wuling Park. The newly developed Xikou Drift by Xikou Tourism Group has stroke out in new directions. It gives the priority to “drift” and set up a series of featured recreational items at the starting point of the drift site. No wonder that experiences are diversified and joys are distinctive.

“Drift”: double rafts volley. Xikou Drift utilizes the natural predominance that the mother river gives to cater to the favors of tourists. You can choose elegant and smooth raft or romantic and exciting kayak as you like.

On your faces blowing a fragrance of earth, you will be lucky to pass by the retreat of the great literary giant Sun Chuo in Jin Dynasty, the extensively planted juicy peaches in Taohuatan and the Grandmother Bay that is Chiang Kai-shek’s haunt in his childhood etc. Furthermore, fighting water battles, listening to love songs and asking the boatman to tell the past events in the period of Republic China may interest a lot of fun-lovers.

“Eat”: barbecue in Shanxi. A market stall for various barbecue foods was set up at the side of the pier. In every autumn, a fascinating Shanxi Barbecue Festival will be held there.

“Live”: camp in a tent. Bathed in the romantic, peaceful and cozy breeze, you would fall asleep with summer frogs and autumn bugs. This recreational item is suitable especially in summer and autumn.
“Play”: grope for fish in the ponds. It presents you child’s joys and makes your heart revert to an innocent one. If you couldn’t get a fish or catch a crab, you might as well angle for fish at your ease. All the trophies could be taken home by you.

“Entertainment”: many ethnic dances and songs are mutually performed with tourists in daytime. Bamboo Stick Dance, Throwing Embroidery Ball and so on you can only see in TV programs. At night when bonfire is lit up, all the performers dance with enthusiasm hand in hand as if hold a carnival.

“Festival”: it is colorful. 1, Drift Festival; 2, Fruit-picking Festival; 3, Coolness-enjoying Festival; 4, Water-splashing Festival; 5, Barbecue & Camping Festival; 6, Joyful Bonfire Festival

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