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Xitang Water Town

Xitang is densely distributed with rivers and has a very quiet natural environment.9 rivers converge in this town, dividing it into 8 sections.Details

Xitang Bridges

Among many old towns in southern China, Xitang is special for its plenty of bridges, lanes and covered corridors.Details

Museum of Chinese Buttons

Xitang is the hometown of buttons, there are nearly hundreds of button manufacturers, the annual output value of 10 billion yuan, accounted for 40% of the national production and trade. Button Museum is located at West Street, a total of six exhibition halls: button display area of ​​ancient and modern buttons display area, display area of ​​modern button, shell button production process display area, buttons application areas, Chinese knot display area.Details

Riverwalk Canopies

The unique canopies, covering most of the town's riverside walks, add to the attraction of this beautiful water townDetails