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Xitang is situated in Zhejiang province, and a lot of rivers and streams that provides unique "river-food" cuisines. Not the same as seafoods, the taste is actually a lot more mile and fresh. I only had time to treat myself one dinner, one breakfast and one lunch for this one-day journey. However i was quite content with a good amount of local snacks.


xitang foodFor fish or shell lovers, you may ask for all kinds of fishes or shells on the menu nearly in most restaurants in Xitang. Their quality don't differ too much because the village has already been a touristic spot. Well, just simply choose a place in which there are many folks are sitting there. It should be all right. Try to ask the local tavellers for advice, sometimes they can speak English and may be able to tell you. I had my meal really late at night because I don't want to queue for a seat. Peak hours is from 6-8pm and you can not imagine how many people there are if you were not there. Given that I was travelling alone, I do not have the chance to try out many dishes.


xitang foodRemeber to try the local Snacks! It's definitely All-you-can-eat! Smoked frog is really tasty. Though not looking good, it tastes amazing. Stinky Tofu - you can smell it from far far away but you won't feel the smell when you are eating it. Make sure you get the local yellow win. (or called Hua Diao in Chinese). This unique sweet taste rice win is great to drink in winter! It makes you feel so warm. I got little drunk after drinking whole 750ml (aprox 13% is alcohol). A couple of doors from Qintang Hotel is this tiny store providing pork steamed with glutinuous rice wrap in lotus leaf. It is apparently a well-known traditional dish of the village. It's so tasty, you will go back to get more. Two yuan each, if i am not mistaken.

Other special foods are:yellow cake, cake of “eight treasures”, turnip in honey,Fen Lake crabs, glutinous rice dumplings, steamed dumplings with fresh pork, smoked green soya bean and so on