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104 quaint bridges, 122 old-fashioned lanes, and 1000-meter covered corridors are what impress every visitor to Xitang. Gradually formed since the 8th century, Xitang has a longer history than its neighboring water towns. This village is crisscrossed by nine rivers and connected by 104 ancient bridges. Every house resides along river banks. Among houses are winding lanes of stone slabs. Exquisite bridges provide convenient access within this village and tell stories of their times.  Xitang rains a lot and intelligent local people built cover over streets, providing shelters from rain and also shading sunshine in clear days.  Compared with more famous towns like Zhouzhuang and Wuzhen, Xitang is less-tourist and hence this village keeps a tranquil ambience and scenic beauty. If you are still hesitating, you may refer to the action movie Mission Impossible III which was shot in Xitang.
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Xitang Travel Tips
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Useful Phone Numbers Tourism Reception Department: 0573-84567890
Complaint Phone: 0573-84561502
First Aid Phone: 0573-84564590/84564290
Travel Tips Xitang Specialty:
The product in Xitang is abundant, Characteristic cate is famous. For example, Fenhu yellow wine, Bazheng cake, “June red” crab, water bean curd, meat braised with lotus leaf etc are very famous. If you are interested, you can taste special local snacks, such as Eight ingredients cake, Yellow rice wine, Dragon hoof that send child, Meat braised with lotus leaf powder and so on.
Shopping in Xitang:
Residents in Xitang Town have always liked drinking a little of yellow rice wine. Accordingly, in the history of Xitang, there are many big and small yellow rice wine workshops. Pork steamed on lotus leaves boasts the traditional famous dish of Historic Town. Every year, in the peak season of broad beans, dry up the beans with green peel in the sunshine and boil them with dried tangerine peel, Bunge prickly ash, cooking wine, salt and anise, so taste.