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Editor's words--Because of Yunnan's special geographical and climatic features, there're various animal and plant materials for food in all the four seasons of a year. And people from different nations make full use of local resources and specialties to create kinds of delicious food.


rice noodle

What to eat in Yunnan

Ham cake

It is a kind of moon cake with special stuffing mixing the best part of Xuanwei ham with honey, lard and refined sugar. It touches crispy and soft, tastes sweet and salty, and gives out fragrance of ham.
Rice noodle

It is Yunnan's traditional food. Thanks for masters' wonderful workmanship, plain rice becomes line-shaped rice noodles, tasting refreshing. Rice noodles can be cooked many ways, like scalding, boiling, frying, or cold blending. And Across-the-Bridge Rice Noodle is the most famous type.

Steamed chicken

It is one of Yunnan's most famous dishes, with a long history of more than 200 years. Cooked in a certain kind of steam boiler, the chicken tastes fresh and tender, and the soup is also tasty. And traditional Chinese herbs can be added into the boiler to raise its nutritive value.

Yunnan Food


Where to eat in Yunnan


As you may guess that there must be some restaurants for special food of ethnic minority, like Hui people's, where there is no pork, there is another great feature of restaurants in Yunnan—whether the restaurant is big or not, whether it is an ethnic one or not, it is delicately designed, being different from each other.

Now, you may begin to see that Yunnan is famous for its food not only because the various kinds of food it has, but also for how its food is cooked, oddly and delicately! And thinking about its restaurants' styles, an exact conclusion can be drawn—Yunnanese really have their own understanding about this eating thing.