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Shouxihu(Slender West Lake)

Shouxihu, known as "Slender West Lake" is one of Yangzhou's largest and most striking sights. The lake's layout gave rise to its name - it runs along both sides of a remarkably slender lake which snakes through the north part of the city.Details

Da Ming Temple

Da Ming Temple is among the first group open-up key temples of Chinese Buddhism, and incorporates Buddhist temple, historical relics with garden scenery and international Buddhism education into the whole.Details

Kwan-yin Mountain

Kwan-yin Mountain is seated on the east side of Daming Temple, Yangzhou. Enjoying the highest natural altitude of the city and with a famous temple built on, the mountain had been honored as the "The First Spiritual Mountain" ever since the Dong dynasty.Details

Heyuan Garden

Heyuan Garden was named with the family name, “He”, of its owner, He Zhidao, in Qing Dynasty.Details

Ge Yuan

Geyuan in the eastern part of the city is a well-known classical garden in Yangzhou. It was first built during the Ming Dynasty. During the period from the Jiaqing's Reign to the Daoguang's Reign of the Qing Dynasty, Salt Distribution Commissioner Huang Zhiyun rebuilt the garden on its ruins.Details

Jin Shan Temple (Gold Mountain Temple)

The Jin Shan Temple(Gold Mountain Temple), the oldest and also the most famous sight has become a symbol of the Zhenjiang city. The temple is visible from far away.It climbs up the sides of a hill along the flat flood plains of the Yangzi, and its pagoda dramatically crowns the crest of the hill.Details

Yangzhou Museum & Yangzhou Block Printing Museum

Situated by the west side of the Bright Moon Lake of Yangzhou, China Block Printing Museum and Yangzhou Museum look into the distance of Yangzhou International Exhibition Centre and covers an area of 50000 square meters, with a construction space of 25000 square meters, and an exhibition area of 10000 square maters...Details

Flat Hills (Ping Shan) Hall

Built by the Song Dynasty writer Ouyang Xiu when he served as prefect of the city, this hall stands just west of Faji,g Temple. Looking out from this hall, the mountains to the south of the Yangtsc River appear as a line at the viewer's eye level, hence the name Fiat Hills Hall...Details

Shi Kefa Memorial

The Shi Kefa Memorial is a national AAA-level tourist spot, a major historic and cultural site under provincial protection and a patriotism education base in Jiangsu province.

Yechun Garden

Yechun Garden, blessed with the first scenery of the Emperor Qianlong's Lake Cruise, is one of the eight famous gardens in the Qing Dynasty.