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Editor's words----Except for the great reputation of being an important tourist city in Jiangsu, Yangzhou is also renowned for its cuisine, which is regarded as a vital part of the famous Huaiyang Cuisine or Jiangsu Cuisine. Huaiyang Cuisine is among the top four cuisines in China together with Sichuan, Shandong and Cantonese Cuisine. It is featured with light, tasty as well as aromatic. ShanghaiFocus today will show you around Yangzhou, leading you to experience the genuine Yangzhou dishes.

What to eat in Yangzhou
yangzhou foodSteamed chicken over bamboo leaves
Steamed Chicken over Bamboo leaves is a representative dish of Yangzhou Cuisine, which enjoys great reputation both home and abroad. Stamped with brilliant outlook, amazing bamboo aroma and wonderful taste, it has become a must-order dish when dining in Yangzhou.
Usually chefs in Yangzhou restaurants will wrap chicken nuggets and some dried mushrooms with bamboo leaves then steam them together. When put them into the plate, cooks will also add some cherries to beautify the dish. By now an exquisite plate of steamed chicken over bamboo leaves has finished.
Steamed Pig's Head
Steamed Pig's Head, however, was not allowed to eat in ancient times, as it was served as a sacrifice in the worship of ancestors. Later, it gradually became a major course mainly served in banquets. Steamed Pig's Head is ranked among the top "three heads" in Jiangsu Cuisine with the other two to be Braised Silver Carp Head and Shi Zi Tou(minced pork ball).
So as to make the heads clean enoug, cooks usually spend a long time to remove all the hair and other dirties. Therefore, you need not worry about the sanitary problem. It is reputable for the best characteristics of glamor appearance, fat but not greasy, tender and sweet along with the pleasant aroma, making you love it as soon as you see it.
yangzhou foodShrimp-roe wonton and noodles
The Wonton skin is as thin as paper, filled with juicy minced meat. While the noodles are chewy and smooth. Both Wonton and noodles are boiled in the shrimp-roe soup, which is well-known for its delicious taste. When the dish cooked, some green onion slices will be dropped into the soup in order to improve its flavor.
Tips: After finishing wonton and noodles, do remember to drink the soup as all the nourishment and essence lies in there.
Recommended Restaurants to taste the dish:
Gonghechun Wonton and Noodles Restaurant 共和春脚面店
Address: NO.81, Ganquan Road, Yangzhou. 扬州市甘泉路81号
Jiangjia Bridge Noodles Restaurant 蒋家桥饺面馆
Address: Guangling Road, Yangzhou. 扬州广陵路
Price: 2.5 yuan/ per bowl
yangzhou foodYangzhou Fried Rice
Generally speaking, Yangzhou Fried Rice is Fried Rice with Eggs and Scallions. Then why it is so dainty? The secret lies in the ingredients such as shrimp, ham, sausage, sleeve-fish etc., making the original plain fried rice much more attractive and charming. It now has become a major recommended dish within Yangzhou Cuisine.
Tips: The outlook must be bright with all the colours of the raw materials remained; The rice should be perfectly cooked without half-baked as well as over-cooked grains. Besides, while tasting, all the aromas of the raw materials should be contained.
Recommended Restaurants to taste the dish:
Cai Gen Xiang 菜根香
Address: on Guoqing Road, near Ganquan Road. 位于共和路 靠近甘泉路
Price: 20-30 RMB
Stuffed Bun with Three Sorts of Diced Delicacies
The three sorts of diced delicacies are chicken, pork and bamboo shoots, with which the stuffed bun tastes delicious, tender as well as fat but not greasy. The buns filled with two more ingredients-diced ginseng and shrimp are more nutritious. You should try both of them!
yangzhou foodRecommended Restaurants to taste the dish:
Fuchun 富春
Address: NO.35, Desheng Bridge,Yangzhou. 扬州市得胜桥35号
Price: 20 yuan/per set
Ye chun Cha She 冶春茶社
Address: NO.10, Fenglexia Street, Yangzhou. 扬州市丰乐下街10号
Price: 15 yuan/per set; 4 yuan/per Stuffed Bun
Where to eat in Yangzhou
Fuchun Teahouse富春茶社
Address: NO.35, Desheng Bridge, Guangling district, Yangzhou.扬州市广陵区得胜桥35号
Tel: 0514-87233326
How to get there: take bus NO.8
Per person consumption: 20 yuan/per set with nine light refreshments
Reason for recommendation: Fuchun Teahouse is regarded as a representative of authentic tea pastries in the city. So if you want to experience something local, here is your best choice!
Ye chun Cha She 冶春茶社
Address: NO.10, Fenglexia Street, Yangzhou. 扬州市丰乐下街10号
Tel: 0514-87368018
How to get there: take bus NO.30 and Y1.
Per person consumption: 8 yuan/per steamed dumplings filled with minced meat and gravy; 4 yuan/ per cup of tea
Recommended dishes: Steamed dumplings stuffed with crab meat; Braised Shredded Chicken with Ham and Dried Tofu.
yangzhou foodCai Gen Xiang 菜根香
Address: NO.115, Guoqing Road, Yangzhou.扬州市国庆路115号
Tel: 0514-78342079
How to get there: take bus NO.8
Reason for recommendation: With a long history of over 300 hundred years, it was set up by a Yangzhou native-Xu Shujie. Cai Gen Xiang has won great reputation both home and abroad by its authentic Huaiyang Cuisine or Jiangsu Cuisine.
Recommended dishes: Shi Zi Tou, Steamed Pig's Head, Braised silver carp, Yangzhou Fried Rice.
Gonghechun Wonton and Noodles Restaurant共和脚面店
Address: NO.81, Ganquan Road, Yangzhou. 扬州市甘泉路81号
How to get there: take bus NO.8
Reason for recommendation It is specialized in the sales of Shrimp-roe wonton and noodles with the initial foundation in 1933.
Two Renowned Food Streets:
Siwangting Road 四望亭路美食街
Reason for recommendation: Not far away from Slender West Lake, Siwangting food street is a blend of accomodation, yummy delicacy as well as entertainment. Here one can find both exotic western-styled restaurants, coffee houses and traditional Chinese cuisines, filling all the customers' requirements.
Reason for recommendation: Yuxianjie food street is a newly built street with its location in the core area of Wenchang Business Zone. Stamped with quaint and nostalgic architectural style, it enjoys great popularity among young people.
Editor's Words----Yangzhou is well-known for its splendid scenery during the Spring time as a famous saying goes,"Heading east for Yangzhou among hazy vernal hues." Thus when you appreciate the magnificent spectacles, please do have a try of its local delicacies. The beauty of the landscape + the deliciousness of food = A complete tour with gratified smile!