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Editor's words----Different from Shanghai or Suzhou which are honored as the "Shopping Paradise on earth", Yangzhou is renowned for its traditional Chinese folk specialties such as Yangzhou lacquer, paper-cut, jade article, Chinese pot gardening, stuffed animal toys etc. All those special local products stamped with Chinese styles have won great popularity among both the natives and overseas travelers. For foreign friends, the regional specialties are precious as they can reflect the local cultures and customs. ShanghaiFocus today will guide you around Yangzhou city for an exploration-of-folk-specialty-journey!

What to buy in Yangzhou
Yangzhou lacquer 扬州漆器
Born as early as Han Dynasty which was over 2000 years ago, Yangzhou lacquer has experienced thousands of winters and summers. In the ancient times, it was regarded as imperial tributes with great honors. Yangzhou lacquer mainly offers customers such three sorts of lacquers as folding screens, furnitures and miscellaneous parts, with the former two to be its leading products. If it is classified in terms of the decorative art, Yangzhou lacquer can be divided into ten catagories, all of which enjoy good reputation internationally.
Yangzhou lacquer has won a lot of awards both home and abroad and is chosen to be one of the valued gifts that are given by our state leaders when they visit another country. Besides, it has been listed in the first National Intangible Cultural Heritage lists on May 20, 2006.
Where to buy:
Yangzhou Craft Arts Market
Address: NO.50, Yanhe Street, Yangzhou.扬州市沿河街50
Opening time: 8:30 a.m.---5:30 p.m.
How to get there: take Y1.
yangzhou shoppingPlush toys 毛绒玩具
Yangzhou stuffed animal toys mainly focus on the theme of animals featured by its vivid appearance. The most well-known brand is the Panda toys with more than 100 catagories, the biggest of which-2 meters high was once used as a photo partner in Tian'an Men Square during the 35th National Day time while the smallest ones are only 8 centimeters utilizing for the decoration of baby carriages. All those lovely plush toys make people feel happy and joyful.
In the early 1970s, many foreigners from America and Europe started a stirring of interest in Yangzhou Panda toys; Ten years later, children from Japan embraced toy Pandas to mourn for the death of Panda "Lan Lan", embodying the love from Japanese children towards Chinese Panda as well as Chinese Panda toys. Thus, if you are a toy-lover, do bring some home as in Yangzhou you can buy a lot at comparatively low prices.
Where to buy:
Address: Large toy markets are available near the south, north as well as the west gate of Slender West Lake.
Reasons for recommendation: the markets are all large-scaled; Besides, you can get what you want at quite low prices, especially in the north gate. By the way, bargaining is acceptable.
How to get there: take bus NO.20 to stop at the south gate; Take Y1 and Y2 to stop at the north gate.
Yangzhou Paper-cut 扬州剪纸
Yangzhou is one of the earliest places that paper-cut started to prevail and later became an indispensible part of the Chinese culture. Paper-cut is also called as paper-cut for window decoration or picture-cut in accordance with different tools such as scissors, nicking tool etc. Yangzhou Paper-cut can be divided into two sorts-monochrome paper-cut and chromatic paper-cut. The former one is the most ordinary paper-cut as it is made by a single colour paper, famous for its simple and easy. While the latter one is by several pieces of varicoloured paper with vivid images to be its best features.
The most reputable works of Yangzhou Paper-cut include "A Hundred Flowers Blooming", "A Hundred Chrysanthemums", "A Hundred Butterflies with Gorgeous Flowers" etc. Nowadays, over 1000 catagories of Yangzhou Paper-cut are available with its distribution channels reach dozens of countries and regions. Thus, it has really made great contributions to the exchange of the cultures and arts between China and the rest of world.
Where to buy:
Address: NO.30, Youyi Road, Yangzhou.扬州市友谊路30号
Reasons for recommendation: Situated near Slender West Lake, Yangzhou Specialty Supermarket, a large-scaled franchised store, provides a lot of Yangzhou local special products like Yangzhou paper-cut, Yangzhou lacquer, plush toys etc., meeting all customers' pickly requirements.
yangzhou shoppingYangzhou Jade Article 扬州玉器
Yangzhou is ranked as the top well-known places producing jade articles with its flawless technical skills tracing back to the ancient times. Yangzhou Jade Article boasts a great number of styles in various series as it can be classified into such six categories as vases, portraits, flowers and birds, beasts and animals, an imitation of antique jade articles and mountains. The masterpiece "White Jade Pagoda Stove" became famous overnight during a nationwide competition, receiving high praise and respect from all walks of life. Other great works involve "The White Jade Five Elements Tower", "The Hundred Years Old Matches Wishes", "The Boundless Universe of Buddha" etc., all of which have been rewarded the Golden Prize of the Nation and evaluated by the nation as treasures.
Where to buy:
Address: NO.10, Fenglexia Street, Yangzhou.扬州市丰乐下街10号
How to get there: take bus NO.8, 30, Y1 and Y2.
Reasons for recommendation: With a long history that can be traced back in the early 1950s, Yangzhou Jade Article Corporation is a key supplier in China. Therefore you can totally trust the products.
yangzhou shoppingYangzhou pot gardening 扬州盆景
Yangzhou Pot Gardening, also regarded as Yang Group Pot Gardening, falls into two main catagories-potted trees and potted landscapes. It is influenced by the painting styles during Ming and Qing Dynasties periods as well as the traditional flower growing skills, and finally formed its unique styles. Featured with the vividimitation of splendid Chinese mountains and hills, Yangzhou pot gardening has won great reputation both home and abroad.
Where to buy:
Yangzhou Flower & Bird Market
Address: NO.6, Guangchumen Street, Yangzhou. 扬州市广储门外街6号
How to get there: take bus NO.4, Y1 and Y2.
Editor's Words----Since Yangzhou is a famous historical and cultural city, one thing you should do when travelling in the city is to stroll around those specialty markets or stores to get some surprises. Hope the information above would be helpful for you guys who want to travel here.