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Yangzhou Quick Fact

Yangzhou Brief

yangzhou facts
Location: East to Nanjing
Area: Cover a total area of 6634 square kilometers
Population: 4,592,500
With the times as well as remains its time-honored cultures and customs. With the renowned saying "Heading east for Yangzhou among hazy vernal hues", the city has attracted a great number of people both home and abroad to come and experience its elegance and charm. In the section, ShanghaiFocus will provide you with all-round and useful information as your guide when traveling in Yangzhou.
What to do in Yangzhou
yangzhou factsYangzhou Slender West Lake is a must-visit spot not only for its splendid scenery but also the wonderful food streets along with specialty markets around it. Such yummy delicacies as Steamed Chicken over Bamboo leaves, Steamed Pig's Head, Shrimp-roe wonton and noodles, Yangzhou Fried Rice etc. are available here, meeting most customers' requirements. Nevertheless, local specialties, known as the representatives of unique Yangzhou cultures and customs, like Yangzhou stuffed animal toys, Yangzhou lacquer, Yangzhou paper-cut, Yangzhou Jade Article etc. can be found here as well.
Yangzhou also involves a lot of Chinese folk arts that can greatly reflect its time-honored culture. People can enjoy such renowned folk art forms as Yangzhou opera, Yangzhou Pinghua, Yangzhou Qingqu, Yangzhou puppet-show. Yangzhou Opera, also regarded as "Wei Yang Opera", was based on Huagu Opera and Xianghuo Opera as well as utilizing Yangzhou Qingqu and folk ballads as sources of reference. Yangzhou Pinghua, also called as Yangzhou Pingci, is a sort of old opera that performed by Yangzhou dialects and prevalent in Nanjing, Shanghai, Zhenjiang and other cities. While my favorite Yangzhou puppet-show is often played in major international arts festivals and cultural activities with great honores, loved by the people throughout the world.
Yangzhou serves as a quite integrated transportation hub, in possession of trains, buses, taxis, ports, expressways etc. Therefore, transportation here is accessible and very convenient. Since it is a comparatively small city, Yangzhou does not possess its own airport. However, tourists who prefer to travel by air can land at Nanjing Lukou International Airport, which is about 100 kilometers away from Yangzhou. Daily buses between Nanjing and Yangzhou run at an interval of nearly half an hour and cost only one hour and a half to reach the destination.
The most important transport facilities are long-distance buses and expressways, by which one can easily get wherever they want within the city as well as the neighboring cities. Besides, so as to benefit travelers throughout the world, sightseeing buses have been introduced in the city with a tour guide on each bus. In a word, tourists can enjoy themselves without worrying about the transportation problems.
Best Visiting Time
The well-known saying "Heading east for Yangzhou among hazy vernal hues" has revealed the best visiting time-the spring time. Each year, from April the 18th to May the 18th, a reputable Tourism Festival will be host in the city, attracting a lot of people not only the natives, the neighboring citizens, but also overseas travelers to come. This period is treated as the Golden Time of Yangzhou.
Besides, during the period between December the 8th and October the 8th, another famous festival-The Cultural Festival is organized by Yangzhou locals to celebrate the mid-Autumn Festival. Lots of interesting activities related to the Festival are provided for tourists to enjoy themselves at utmost.

Top Attractions
1)  Nanjing Confucius Temple
2)  Dr. Sun Yat-sens Mausoleum
3)  Ming Xiaoling
4)  Memorial Hall of the Nanjing Massacre
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Yangzhou Tour

If you ask a Chinese person his opinions of Yangzhou, mostly he will describe this city as elegant or delicate. This city is renowned for its poetic sceneries, savory cuisine, profound history and resplendent achievements now. As the junction point of Yangtze River, Grand Canal, and Huaihe River, Yangzhou made great fortunes since thousand years ago, attracting merchant families, poets, painters, and scholars. More than 2500 years' history promoted Yangzhou as one of the top tourist destinations in China. This city of middle size owns more than 500 historic relics. Prosperity, mild climate, comfortable living condition won this city the award of Habitat Scroll of Honor from UN.   

Slender West Lake, narrower but longer than the West Lake in Hangzhou, like a slender and tall beauty attracting countless admirers; Take a cruise on the lake is the best way to experience the refined Yangzhou;
It is said that the Emperor Yang of Sui Dynasty (581-618 A.D.) had the Grand Canal excavated just to make it convenient to cruise to Yangzhou in spring, the season when viburnums are in blossoms;
Daming Temple, oldest temple in Yangzhou, symbolizes Yangzhou's Buddhist culture. Built some 1500 years ago, this temple gained high fame because of Monk Jianzhen in Tang Dynasty (918-907 A.D), renowned both in China and Japan. He made numerous attempts to travel overseas to Japan and introduce Chinese religious culture.  
Yangzhou dishes (Huaiyang Cuisine), one of the Four Great Cuisines in China, also made this small city renowned nationally. Not like other Chinese cuisines using oily sauces, Yangzhou dishes retain the fresh savor of the food and meanwhile have an appealing color, aroma, taste and appearance;
As one of the wealthiest cities in the world, Yangzhou hosted visitors from all over the world. At that time many foreign celebrities traveled to Yangzhou, such as Puhaddin and Marco Polo, and left numerous historic relics behind them.
Weathy families in Yangzhou built fabulous gardens such as Geyuan Garden and Heyuan Garden. Located in middle part of China, Yangzhou's gardens feature not only the spectacular of northern gardens, but also main characteristic of southern gardens using elaborate architectural works;
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Yangzhou Travel Tips
Average Temperature Month Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
(°C) 3~9 4~10 6~15 15~20 15~25 22~30 25~35 25~35 20~30 15~24 10~18 3~12
Real-time Weather
Useful Phone Numbers Police:
Fire Emergency:
Phone No. Enquiry:
Hospital Ambulance:
Railway Enquiry:
Taxi Call:
Travel Tips Best time to visit Yangzhou:
March - May, September - October; but please suggest you avoid the period of May 01-03 and Oct 01-07 which are legal holidays and peak time of traveling in Yangzhou.
How to get there:
It is not very convenient of taking train to Yangzhou from Shanghai. We suggest you take bus there. It will take around 3.5 hours from Shanghai, 2.4 hours from Suzhou and only 1 hour from Nanjing. Yangzhou has no its own airport. The nearest one is Nanjing Lukou Airport.
Taxi Charge:starting price of RMB7 (daytime) or RMB8 (11pm-6am) , and 2.4 yuan per km after exceeding 3 km;
Events & Festivals:
Mist and Flowers—International Tourism Festival (April 18—May 18)
New Year Bells in Daming Temple (December 31)