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Twin Bridge

Twin Bridge, also known as Key Bridge, is made up of Shide Bridge, a stone arch bridge, and Yongan Bridge, a stone beam bridge.Details

Shen's House

Shen's House was built by Shen Benren, one of the descendants of the legendary Qing dynasty businessman Shen Wansan, in the seventh year of Emperor Qianlong's reign (1742).Details

Culture Street

Tourists may just relax here to experience the charms of traditional culture that is seldom found in urban areas.Details

Da Cheng Tang Drugstore

Da Cheng Tang, constructed at the end of Yuan Dynasty and early Ming Dynasty, was said to be founded by Shen You, father of southern China millionaire Shen Wansan.Details

Shen Garden

Shen Garden is a Chinese classical garden with a tragic love story.Details

Chengxu Taoist Temple

Standing on Zhongshi Street which is opposite to Puqing Bridge, Chengxu Taoist Temple was built during 1086-1093 of the Song Dynasty and also known as Sanctity Hall (Shengtang Hall).Details

Milou Tower

Once called the De's Tavern, Milou Tower perches next to Zhenfeng Bridge which is at the southwest corner of Zhouzhuang. It is famous for being a rallying place of the literators in old times.Details

Fu'an Bridge

Fu'an Bridge sits at the eastern end of Zhongshi Street, traversing the Nanbeishi River and stretching across to Nanbeishi Street.Details

Taiping Bridge

The Taiping Bridge is located at the eastern mouth of Hougang to connect Chenghuang Dam and Xianjiang Street.Details

Former Residence of Shen Wansan

Located at Dongzhai in Zhouzhuang, the Former Residence of Shen Wansan is a typical building in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and based on its relics.Details