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With more than 800 years history, Zhouzhuang gained its fame only till 1985 because of a painting by Chen Yifei. The painting, Remembrance of My Hometown, was exhibited in a New York gallery, and triggered the public’s interest in this stunningly pristine village.
Most of the residences were built in Ming (1368-1644) or Qing Dynasties (1644-1911). They were well preserved to its original appearance. The most amazing house displays the viewing that a boat can enter the property via the front gate and sail through the courtyard.
Zhouzhuang has altogether 14 bridges of unique bridge structures which makes Zhouzhuang stand out from other water towns. The Twin Bridges are the most renowned. The painting, Remembrance of My Hometown, depicted the very Twin Bridges. It was chosen to be the first-day cover of the United Nations' postage stamp in 1985.
Now Zhouzhuang is listed as one of the top 50 attractions in China and roughly 1 million travelers were attracted to this village every year. Why don't you plan a trip to Zhouzhuang?

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Useful Phone Numbers Zhouzhuang Ancient Town Tourism Development: 0400-8282-900;     0512-57211699;
Travel Tips Zhouzhuang Post Office is located opposite to the Zhouzhuang Hotel; you may try to mail postcards to your friends here. If you buy too many stuff here, you may also mail it back to your house instead of taking them with you;
Open hours to tourists: 8am - 8pm.
Local specialty: Wansan Pork Shank (hog shank braised with multiple ingredients in a casserole for a whole day);
You can get a free tourist map of ZhouZhuang after you purchasing the admission tickets;
Performances of local folks are scheduled on Sunday and Saturday;