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Quick Fact

zhujiajiao factsBasic Facts of Zhujiajiao:

Location: in south of Shanghai
Area: 49.8 square kilometer
Population: Around 60.000
Zhujiajiao, the ancient water town, is situated at the junction of Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, in the coast of beautiful Dianshan Lake, known for its long history and spectacular scenery. Hailed as "Oriental Venice" and "Pearl in South China", Zhujiajiaois in possession of rich tourist resources, where a great number of natural and cultural attractions can be found.
What to see in Zhujiajiao
zhujiajiao-factsIn 1991, Zhujiajiang was ranked as one of the Four Historical and Cultural Towns in Shanghai. Strolling in Zhujiajiao, you will be amazed by the quaint, elegant architecture, lost in the old-fashioned Chinese town. Altogether nine long streets crawl along the river, with folk houses standing on each side. Walking along the zigzag flagging or wondering among the narrow streets and lanes flanked with shops and stores, you may have the illusion of roaming in a simple but fresh Chinese wash painting: small bridges above giggling water, houses in Ming and Qing styles, small dark-awning boats lying at anchor, sweeping willows swaying along riverbanks, and stone bridge spanning the Dianpu River like a beautiful rainbow. The Fangsheng Bridge, constructed in the reign of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty, is the biggest joint five-arch stone bridge in Shanghai. It is 70.8 meters in length and 5.8 meters in width. Exquisite in structure and beautiful in shape, it is the first of the ten scenic spots of Zhujiajiao.
As a typical water town, Zhujiajiao has been reputed as "A land flowing with milk and honey" for centuries, particularly prolific in river food. The delicacies in Zhujiajiao mostly are ordinary home-made dishes on the dining tables of common folks.
What to eat in Zhujiajiao
Recommend Delicacies: Fresh-scented Zong Zi( glutinous rice wrapped up in reed or bamboo leaves), Zhuangyuan Cake, Bundled Marbled Pork
Recommended Restaurant: 
Maolin Restaurant
Maolin is undoubtedly your first choice when dining in Zhujiajiao. The long-established restaurant is well-known for its specials: Water Eel Noodle and Mutton Noodle. The eel dressing is lightly fried, thus it is much more palatable but not greasy at all, along with the rich-tasting soup, leaving a lingering taste in your mouth. The mutton is chewy and a little spicy, arousing your appetite immediately.
The transportation in Zhujiajiao is accessible and convenient, only 30 kilometers away from Honhqiao International Airport. In Shanghai, 7 bus lines take tourists to Zhujiajiao all day round.
When you travel in Zhujiajiao, only by taking a ride in the traditional Luoguo boat then strolling in those old streets can you fully experience the lasting appeal of this water town.
Luoguo Boat
Fare:50 RMB (for half an hour)
Running time:8:30-16:30

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